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Walmajarri Story

Many years ago a young woman suffering serious burns was carried to a special waterhole by her nephew. This story reminds the Walmajarri people of family values and the healing power of country.

Worla Story

This is an animated Dreaming/Creation story of how waterholes came to be, and why the emu cannot fly. The story is illustrated with children’s paintings and narrated in English and Language.

Jaru Story

This is oral history told through a ‘walking story’, remembered by a lady who travelled vast distances as a child to visit her sister at Moola Bulla mission. Along the way, places spark memories of life from another era.

Kija Story

This is a creation story about how the Kija people came to know their lands, the country around the Halls Creek township. An eagle threw spears at some kangaroos and they scattered. Where the animals travelled and where they rested covers the territory the Kija people call home. This story is used to teach young children traditional boundaries.

Bardi Story

This film is the experience of two sisters who, as little girls, were removed from their country, Pender Bay on the Dampier Peninsula, and sent to Beagle Bay Mission in the early 1900s. When the girls were taken away, the freshwater that flows into the sea near Joordid stopped flowing. When the sisters finally returned, as women, in the 1980s the water started flowing again, welcoming them back to their country.

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