Multi-language – Our Junba Book


Written & illustrated by Clintisha Bangmorra, Sherayna Bangmorra, Telenia Bangmorra, Laurenzia Divilli, Eamarlden Rivers, Lakeisha Wungundin and Selwyn Wungundin.

With foreword and essay “Growing up Junba” by Rona Goonginda Charles and Sally Treloyn.

Edited and compiled by Andrea Emberly.


This book was created as a part of the Children, Knowledge, Country project, in the course of which young Ngarinyin and Nyikina leaders participated in a 3-day workshop at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (October 2015).

With support from Rona Charles, Sherika Nulgit, Heather Wungundin, Sally Treloyn, and Andrea Emberly, they created artworks, produced this book, performed Junba, presented a public talk, and shared cultural practices in order to help find ways to sustain Junba within their communities.

This book represents what each of the authors thinks about Junba and why it is important in their lives.


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