Multi-language – Junba Colouring Book


The Junba Colouring Book was compiled in 2018 by Katie Breckon and Sally Treloyn as part of the Junba Project, a collaborative initiative of the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre.  

Breckon and Treloyn curated illustrations created by graphic novelist Brenton McKenna based on photos and drawings of Junba dancers and singers held at the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre in the Kimberley, Western Australia.  


McKenna created the illustrations in the course of a workshop organised by Leah Umbagai, and Katie Breckon to support children and young people to learn about their identities within the traditional kinship system, represented by the two birds Wodoy (Ngarinyin, Wunambal) / Wodoya (Worrorra), the Spotted Nightjar, and Jun.gurn (Ngarinyin) / Junkurnja (Worrorra) / Jirrin.girn (Wunambal), the Owlet Nightjar. With Sally Treloyn, images of each stage of Junba performance were identified for use in the workshop. McKenna’s illustrations are complemented by drawings by Ngarinyin elder Paddy Neowarra (deceased) created in 2002 to document skin-based body paint designs worn by dancers of Junba, and drawings by young Ngarinyin illustrator Liama Nulgit.


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