Walmajarri – Minya Manpangu Marnu Yapajangka: Stories from our Childhood


by Mulan storytellers Biddy Chungulla, Bessie Doonday, Ivy Robertson (dec’d), Boxer Billiluna, Marie Yagan, Freda Tjemma, Nancy Tax, Evelyn Clancy. Compiler and translator Eirlys Richards
KLRC, 1999

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These stories come from around Lake Gregory in Western Australia. They are windows into the early lives of lake dwellers. Some of the older storytellers experienced first contact with white people, while others grew up on the sheep and cattle stations that soon spread over their homelands. In contrast with mainstream accounts, these stories look at history through the eyes of local people. They give snapshots of a world the storytellers left behind and personal accounts of their reactions to the new and often unsympathetic way of life.

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