Oral History – Alec’s Story


by Alec Forrest
(Oral History: English) – KLRC, 2003

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Alec’s Story begins at Karingarra, a waterhole on the Canning Stock Route, where Jukutany, later known as Alec Forrest, was born. Alec tells of his family’s move to station country, of life as a fringe dweller, and of the tragic killing of his father when he was still very young. He describes growing up on the stations, where he took pride in learning the skills of a good stockman.

After being badly injured in a fall from a horse, Alec Forrest was found to be suffering from leprosy, and he spent many years in the Derby Leprosarium. He gives us a moving account of the sad life of the inmates in the years before a good treatment for the disease was found. He also talks about the many changes he has seen in the society around him.

Alec’s Story is a written English version of the original recording, Wangki Jukutanyjura. Alec Forrest told his story in Walmajarri: Olive Knight wrote it down and translated it into English.

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