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G – g

gadjari   nominal. Variant: gajari. waterlilly. Category: Plants, Food and Cooking.

gaj   interjection. come on! Category: Interjections.

GAJUNG-   verb. same, be the. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gajung’giray it was the same. gajung’burray they were the same. Note: Check this one (commented on in latest NSM primes document (1998). BO gave me yininggajangi baadi ‘the same kind of pannikins’. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

galadi   nominal. clay, white. Giyiminyiingga malwaja manjamanja’yirrantha galadi Giyiminyi and I made mud figures white clay. Category: Country.

galamuda   nominal. bustard, turkey, bush. Ardeotis australis. image from :www.jcu.edu.au. Galamuda egg from: www.amonline.net.au. Category: Animals: Birds, Food and Cooking.

galarra   nominal. widow, widower. Category: People.

galay   nominal. sunset. audio\galay.wav. Category: Country.

GALAYRRA-   verb. flatten. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE galayrra’wunu s/he flattened it. galayrra’wurrunu they flattened it. Yiningga, nguja galayrra’wulunu. Just like that, wait, I’ll flatten out the coals. Yiningga, nguja galayrra’wulunu. Just like that, wait, I’ll flatten out the coals. Category: Verbs: Impact.

galanganyja   nominal. blacksoil, plain, blacksoil. Category: Country.

galangarri   adverb. wrong(ly), different. Category: Describers, Manner.

GALGALA-   verb. laugh. intransitive: MA. galgala’miy s/he laughed. galgala’wurrmiy they laughed. Category: Verbs: Speech.

gali   nominal. boomerang, returning. Category: Artifacts.

GALIYA-   verb. carry, carry by hand, lead. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME galiya’ra s/he carried it. galiya’wurra they carried it. [Knight (2/98:p.53)] Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

galu   nominal. penis. Category: Sensitive, Body Parts.

galurru   nominal. snake, Ngarranggani, Rainbow Serpent. creator of country. Wariyga’wurrunintha galurru giyga’ni baljuwa, mila’ra bandamiya. They left and the Rainbow Serpent sat up then and looked around, but only saw dirt. Note: Bunuba cognate to Gooniyandi word? Category: Mythology, Ceremony.

galwaya   nominal. raft, log. Category: Artifacts.

GAMADA- (1)   verb. blind, make. transitive: YHA. Note: CAUSATIVE gamada’yha s/he made him/her blind. gamada’wuda they made him/her blind. Category: Verbs: Impact.

GAMADA- (2)   verb. intransitive: NI. blind, become. gamada’niy s/he became blind. gamada’wudiy they became blind. Tharraingga wad’birrantha, ganday gurama mulu gamada’niy. The two dogs took him, the old man who had become blind. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

GAMALG- (1)   verb. talk to. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME gamalg’gira s/he talked to him/her. gamalg’burra they talked to him/her. Category: Verbs: Speech, Gun.gunma.

GAMALG- (2)   verb. say, speak. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gamalga’ray s/he said. gamal’burray they said. Category: Verbs: Speech, Gun.gunma.

GAMALG- (3)   verb. say, speak. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gamalga’maniy s/he said. gamalga’malbudiy they said. Category: Verbs: Speech, Gun.gunma.

GAMANBA- (1)   Variant: GAMAN-. verb. look for. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME gaman’gira s/he looked for him/her. gaman’gurra they looked for him/her. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GAMANBA- (2)   Variant: GAMAN-. verb. hunting, go, foraging, go, searching, go. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gamanba’ray s/he went hunting. gamanba’wurray they went hunting. Niy wariyga’waninyangarri gamanba’ray wanggala’minyangarri. But when Kitehawk went out hunting he didn’t know what to do. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GAMAN.GA- (1)   verb. look for. intransitive: MA. gaman.ga’miynhingi s/he looked around for him/her. gaman.ga’wurrmiynhingi they looked around for him/her. giygiyga’ray gaman.ga’miybiyirrantha he got up and looked around for the two of them. Category: Verbs: Motion. Note: DO WITH BODY. Note that the verb gaman.ga- occurs with MA only when a a pronoun suffix is attached to the verb ending. Otherwise gaman.ga- occurs with the RA or RA2 verb roots.

GAMBAY- (1)   verb. intransitve: RA. yawn. See: GAMBAY- (2). Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME. Yawn continually gambay’yay s/he was yawning. gambay’wurray they were yawning. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

GAMBAY- (2)   verb. yawn. intransitve: MA. See: GAMBAY- (1). Note: DO WITH BODY gambay’miy s/he yawned. gambay’wurrmiy they yawned. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

gambinyi   nominal. egg. Milngginhingi ngarranyiwayingga wirriyga’ma gambinyi wadba’ma thawununhingi. From the antbed the mother dug up the ant eggs. Category: Animals: Birds, Animals: Insects and Spiders.

gambu   nominal. poisonous. Category: Describers. [Knight (1/97: notebook p.101)]

gambunu   nominal. ashes. Category: Food and Cooking.

gananyi   nominal. stick, digging. Gananyijangi manja’wirrmangarri. They’d make it sharp, like a digging stick. Category: Artifacts.

ganaynggu buga   nominal. child, female. Category: People.

gananganja   nominal. emu. Dromaius novaehollandiae. Category: Animals: Birds, Food and Cooking.

Ganbalamanganya   nominal. Lily Hole. Wuluga’winarriyntha thurranda Ganbalamanganya. He swallowed those two at Lily Hole. Category: Country.

ganbararra   nominal. goanna, sand, goanna, desert. Category: Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians, Food and Cooking.

ganbarri   nominal. centipede. Category: Animals: Insects and Spiders.

GANBA-   verb. follow. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME ganba’ra s/he followed him/her. ganba’wurra they followed him/her. Ganba’wirra thanybana. They followed him from behind. Category: Verbs: Motion.

ganday   nominal. old, bad. Niy garrga’wirrunugu mulu ganday ngada’niy mulu. They left him and then his bad eyes went blind altogether. Category: Describers.

GANDAYA- (1)   verb. bad, make, old, make. transitive: YHA. Note: TRANSFER. gandaya’yha, gandaya’wuda? gandaya’yha s/he made it bad. gandaya’wuda they made it bad. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

GANDAYA- (2)   verb. bad, become, old, become. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME gandaya’niy s/he became bad. gandaya’wudiy they became bad. Ngarranggani gurama wad’jay mulu gandaya’niybiyirrangi nyirraji walyarra. A Dreamtime man went along and his eyes went bad on them at that sand bar. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

gandiwali   nominal. ti tree. See: jiyinyjili. Category: Plants.

gandiy   nominal. wax, spinifex, resin. Gandiy wurrga’wudangarrinhingi nyirrajiway. They’d put spinifex wax with those two. Category: Plants.

ganinyi   nominal. first, front. Ngayini ngarranyiingga ganinyi, wad’nginangarri baburru walibirriyuwa ganinyi man.guluyuwa. My mother would take me first, down to the river in the shade with me in front. Category: Describers.

ganinggi   nominal. girl. “Walay buga diyga’wularriynya, walay ganinggi, nganggi, baga’waynganggi” miynhingi. “When I’ve had a child, a little girl, she will be for you, yours.” he said. Note: Check – this may be ganaynggu (see above). Category: People.

ganjali   nominal. kitehawk (col.) Ganjali ngindaji matha’wulanhi – ngarrungumili. I’ll tell you about that Kitehawk – the bludger. Note: The English translation is a col. name – needs a more accurate translation. Whistling kite? Category: Animals: Birds.

ganji   nominal. seed. Bawulunhingi ganji wudara’anyangarri yarradga’ninyangarri, yaninja thawuniingga wad’girangarri jamijami’rangarri. When the seeds from pigweed plants had dried and fallen out, the ants would then carry them off and heap them up. Category: Plants.

gan.gan.gu   nominal. clapsticks. literally ‘clap-for’. Category: Ceremony.

ganarri   nominal. stem, of lily plant. ganarri ngag’arra the stem part we eat. Wadba’arrma nyirraji thanggari ngag’arra, ganarri ngag’arra. We get that lily plant and eat it, the stem part we eat. Category: Plants.

ganinyi   adverb. front. See: baljuwa. Category: Time and Location.

garanya   nominal. oven, earth, oven, ground. Category: Food and Cooking.

garinya   nominal. coolamon. Yaninja ngawunguwayingga garinya manja’mangarri. Then father would make a coolamon (for the baby). Manggayway wariyga’waniy garinya wadba’ma. His wife left and she took a coolamon. Category: Artifacts.

garrawu   nominal. shin. Category: Body Parts.

GARRA- (1)   verb. intransitive: NI. thrown, become. Note: e.g. from a horse. BECOME. GOAL FOCUSSED MOTION garra’niy it was thrown. garra’wudiy they were thrown. gaygaytha’arra wilagurru bilinyi garra’adinhingi we cut it up and then throw away the peel. Gaygaytha’arra wilagurru bilinyi garra’adinhingi. We cut it up and then the peel is thrown away. [Knight (1/97:NSM112; 2/98:p.17; 1/97)] Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

GARRA- (2)   verb. throw, throw away. transitive: NGARRI. Note: VIEW garra’ngarriy s/he threw it away. garra’wurrarriy they threw it away. garra’ngarriybiyirrantha milha nga’burrag he tossed it down to them they ate the meat. Garra’ngarriybiyirrantha milha nga’burrag. He threw it down to them and they ate the meat. [Knight (1/97:NSM112; 2/98:p.17; 1/97)] Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

GARRA- (3)   verb. throwing, go. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME garra’ra s/he threw it. garra’wurra they threw it. yatha’yiyirrayngarri gawiyngana ngarranyiingga garra’rangarri we’d sit there and mother would chuck a line for fish. Yatha’yiyirrayngarri gawiyngana ngarranyiingga garra’rangarri. We’d sit there and mother would throw a line for fish. [Knight (1/97:NSM112; 2/98:p.17; 1/97)] Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

GARRA- (4)   verb. throwing, go. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME garra’ray s/he went throwing. garra’wurray they went throwing. wad’jay baburruga gawiy-yawu garra’ray she went down and did some fishing. Wad’jay baburruga gawiyyawu garra’yay. She went down and a fishing line was thrown for fish. [Knight (1/97:NSM112; 2/98:p.17; 1/97)] Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

garranggarrang   nominal. duck, diver. Anhinga melanogaster. Category: Animals: Birds.

GARRGA-   verb. transitive: WU2. leave. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE garrga’wunu s/he left him/her. garrga’wurrunu they left him/her. Yathay’yiyirrayg nyirraywa jimarri garrga’nginbuni. We all stayed there but my mate, he left me. Wiyi garrga’winbuninthangarri muwayyuwa. He would leave his wives at the camp. Category: Verbs: Motion.

garri   nominal. armpit. Category: Body Parts.

garriy   nominal. waterlily root. root of the garriyngarri water lily. Category: Plants, Food and Cooking.

garriyngarri   nominal. waterlily. Category: Plants, Food and Cooking.

garringga   nominal. gum tree, red river. Category: Plants.

garruna   nominal. Variant: garrwuna. shield. See: garrwuna. Category: Artifacts.

garrwaru   adverb. afternoon. Garrwaru ban.ga’yiyirrayngarri muwayyawu. In the afternoon we’d go back to the camp. Note: Please change tense to ‘we went back to the camp’. Category: Time and Location.

GARRWARUGA-   verb. afternoon, become, sunset. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME garrwaruga’niy it became afternoon. Garrwaruga’ninyangarri, wariyga’yiyirrwaniyngarri. When it became afternoon, we’d leave. Note that the plural garrwaruga’wudiy is possible if you are referring to more than one sunset, e.g. ‘I’ve seen a lot of sunsets in my time’. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

GARRWAYLA-   verb. intransitive: MAL+NI. die. Note: GG makrer garrwayla’maniy s/he died garrwayla’malbudiy they died. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State, Gun.gunma.

garrwuna   nominal. shield. See: garruna. Category: Artifacts.

garuwa   nominal. water, alcohol. “Gulgu-yuwa wa[‘burali, gulgu-yuwa garuwa.” “It’s only waist-deep come on, the water’s only waist deep.” Garuwa-ngarriingga ngulyba’yangarri birrgi yaninja. The water would make the charcoal soft. Category: Country.

GARWAYLA-   verb. dead, be. intransitive: RA. garwayla’yay s/he was dead. garwayla’wurray they were dead. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

gawarra   nominal. sun. Category: Country.

gawarra dagurra’wu   nominal. sunset. literally ‘sun goes down’. Category: Country.

gawarra giyga’ni   nominal. sunrise. literally ‘sun gets up’. Category: Country.

gawarrali   nominal. sunrise. literally ‘sun-this way’. Category: Country.

gawaru   nominal. anus, faeces. Category: Body Parts, Sensitive.

gawiy   nominal. Variant: gawi. fish (generic). manggaywayingga wug’angarrinhingi gawiy his wife would cook the fish for him. lingga’ngayngarriiii ngarragi ngarranyi gawiyngarri birayga’rayngarragi I waaaaited for my mother who would come back with fish to me. Wad’burrayngarri gawiy wudij’birrmangarri. They’d go and spear fish. Lingga’ngayngarri ngarragi ngarranyi gawiyngarri birayga’rayngarragi. I waited for my mother who would come back to me with fish. Category: Animals: Fish.

gawu   nominal. Variant: gau. lungs. Category: Body Parts.

GAWUMBURRA-   verb. dry, become. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME. Changed gawumburra from gawumburru – check. gawumburra’niy it became dry. gawumburra’wudiy they became dry. gawumburra’ninyangarri duga’wudingarri nyirramaga ya jilyaga baga’raynyangarri when it got dry they would pound it or when it was green. Gawumburra’ninyangarri duga’wudingarri nyirramaga ya. When the bush plum became dry they would pound and grind it. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

gawumburru   nominal. dry. Category: Describers.

gay   interjection. come on! Category: Interjections, Gun.gunma.

gayangurru   nominal. echidna, porcupine (col.) Tachyglossus aculeatus. Category: Animals: Mammals.

GAYGAY-   Variant: GAYGAJ-; GAYGAYTHA-; GAYGAYGA-. verb. cut up. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME gaygay’gira s/he cut it up. gaygayga’gurra they cut it up. Wu’birranthangarri milha gaygaj’birranthangarri. The two of them cooked the meat and cut it up. Gaygaytha’arra wilagurru bilinyi garra’adinhingi. We cut it up and then the peel is thrown away. Category: Verbs: Impact.

GAYGA-   verb. cut. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X gayga’ma /she cut it. gayga’wurrma they cut it. Gayga’mangarragingarri ngaala nhaa. He’d cut another sugarbag for me. Biyirri yamadi gayga’wurrmantha, yanganja lundu. Those two cut wood, a cork tree, for a coolamon. Category: Verbs: Impact.

gayi   nominal. crocodile, Ngarranggani. ngarrangganiyaingga gayiingga yawaga’ngarriy winthali, baburru yawaga’ngarri The Dreamtime crocodile kept fire hidden away, he hid it way down deep. Category: Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians, Mythology, Ceremony.

GIDGA- (1)   verb. cover over. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE gidga’wunu s/he covered it over. gidga’wurrunu they covered it over. Gidga’wulunu ngindaji walyarrayuwa mayi blawa. I’ll cover them up in that sand, the damper, the flour. Category: Verbs: Impact.

GIDGA- (2)   verb. cover. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME gidga’ra s/he covered it. gidga’wurra they covered it. Category: Verbs: Impact.

gijali   nominal. raw. milha gijali nyirraji that meat is raw. Category: Describers.

gilagi   nominal. father’s father (for man or woman), grandfather (for man or woman), son’s children (for man). Category: People.

GILANDIRRA-   verb. big, become, grown up, become. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME gilandirra’niy s/he became big. gilandirra’wudiy they became big. Gilandirra’wuninya yininggajangi mayi manjama. When you get big, you can cook this kind of food. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

gilandirri   nominal. big. yamadi gilandirri big coolamon. Category: Describers.

gilhirri   adverb. inside. Category: Time and Location. [Knight (2/98: p. 9)]

gili   nominal. bindi-eye. Category: Plants.

gilili   nominal. shoulder blade. Category: Body Parts.

gilinygiliny   nominal. galah. Eolophus roseicapilla. image from:www.baladeornithologique.com. Category: Animals: Birds.

gilinymana   nominal. moon. Gilinymana wad’jay ngaanhingima tharra nhu yarryarrwa’ray tharra wad’binagi. Moon came from somewhere and his dogs followed him, he brought his dogs. Category: Country.

Gilinymanja   nominal. name of place in the Leopold Station area. ? Gilinymanja miynhingi. Category: Country.

giliy   nominal. blood. Category: Body Parts.

GILYA-   verb. kill, hit. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE gilya’wunu s/he killed him/her. gilya’wurrunu they killed him/her. [Knight (2/98:p.51)] Category: Verbs: Impact.

gindili   nominal. grasshopper. Category: Animals: Insects and Spiders.

ginjili   nominal. coals, hot. nyawa wubawuba’yangarri ginjiliyuwa the tail he’d cook it covered in hot coals in the ground. Nyawa wubawuba’yangarri ginjiliyuwa. He cook the tail by covering it in hot coals. Category: Food and Cooking. See: birrgi; mara; windingilngil; wumbularri; wumulu. Note: This definition needs checking.

GINYIRRIGA-   verb. betray, double-cross, cuckold. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SPEARATE/COMBINE ginyirriga’wunu s/he betrayed him/her. ginyirriga’wurrunu they betrayed him/her. Category: Verbs: Impact.

GIRARRA- (1)   verb. crawl. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME girarra’ray s/he crawled. girarra’wurray they crawled. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GIRARRA- (2)   verb. crawl. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY girarra’miy s/he crawled. girarra’wurrmiy they crawled. Category: Verbs: Motion.

girili   nominal. tree, stick. See: lundu. Category: Plants, Artifacts, Gun.gunma.

giriywa   nominal. wind. Category: Country.

girrabu   nominal. Variant: girrabungarri. long, tall. Nyirrajiya mayi thanggari, girrarrabu ngag’arrag. This other tucker is lily plant, we eat the long part. Category: Describers.

GIRRAJGA-   verb. fly. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: GG marker girrajga’maniy s/he flew. girrajga’malbudiy they flew. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

GIRRBI- (1)   verb. start out. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME girrbi’ray s/he started out. girrbi’wurray they started out. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

GIRRBI- (2)   verb. start out. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: GG marker girrbi’maniy s/he started out. girrbi’malbudiy they started out. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

Girrganyi   nominal. Chickenhawk, Ngarranggani. Olrait, Girrganyi balbal’ayngarri rawurr’burra baburru mila’rangarri ngindaji, wajim’girangarri winthali. Alright, Chickenhawk was flying around high in the sky watching this one, watching the fire. Category: Mythology, Ceremony, Animals: Birds.

GIRRGARA-   Variant: GIRRGA-. verb. run, run away. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY. Rumsey notes that girrgara+MA as well as girrgara+RA. BO and MO didn’t agree with girrgara+RA (06/02/02). See previous entry. girrgara’miy s/he ran. girrgara’wurrmiy they ran. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GIRRGA-   Variant: GIRRGARA-. verb. run, run away. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME girrga’ray s/he ran away. girrga’wurray they ran away. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GIRRIBINYGA- (1)   verb. look for. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME girribinyga’ra s/he looked for him/her. girribinyga’wurra they looked for him/her. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

GIRRIBINYGA- (2)   verb. look around. intransitive: MAL+NI. girribinyga’maniy s/he looked around. girribinyga’malbudiy they looked around. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

GIRRIGA-   verb. drop, let go. intransitive: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION girriga’waniy s/he let go. girriga’wurraniy they let go. Girriga’waniynhi rarrgi ngundayinggama wadba’ma. He let go (dropped) of his money and somebody else got it. [Knight (2/98:p.23)] Category: Verbs: Impact.

girrwali   nominal. archerfish. Category: Animals: Fish.

GIYGA-   Variant: GIJGA-. verb. get up, come out, emerge. intransitive: NI. Note: GOAL FOCUSSED MOTION giyga’niy s/he got up. giyga’wudiy they got up. Marrgu, wudij’birrmangarri, giyga’ningarri ngurru. All that lot, they’d spear at it, he’d be sticking his head out over there. (lit. his head would emerge). [Knight (2/98:p.8)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

GIYGIYG-   verb. get up, wake up, come out, emerge, peep out. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME giygiyg’ay s/he kept getting up. giygiyg’burray they kept getting up. Giygiyg’ay gaman.ga’miybiyirrantha. He woke up and looked around for the two of them. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State. Note: to check about peep

guba   nominal. roundish, stocky, nuggetty. Gubagubangana bulumana. Round, stocky cattle. Category: Describers.

guda   nominal. stomach, belly, guts. Gurriy’girangarri guda, malimbarr’wirrangarri, yaninja. She’d help with her belly, she’d massage it, alright. Category: Body Parts.

GUDAYA- (1)   verb. keep after, persuade, attempt to. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT;SEPARATE/COMBINE gudaya’wunu s/he attempted to persuade him/her. gudaya’wurrunu they attempted to persuade him/her. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

GUDAYA- (2)   verb. knead. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT;SEPARATE/COMBINE gudaya’wunu s/he kneaded it. gudaya’wurrunu they kneaded it. Gawumburru wurrga’wuliyha malaya’wulunu gudaya’wulunu. The dry one I’ll put it, I’ll knead it wet, I’ll knead it. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

gugunja   nominal. sheep. Category: Animals: Mammals.

guju   nominal. bone. nyirrajinhingi yawada (na) manja’yirragngarri guju malwaja gurama gurradga’wunagi malwajaingga after that we’d make a horse using bones and mud we’d make it buck people. Category: Body Parts.

gulara   nominal. cuckoo. Category: Animals: Birds. Note: check further, did not make sense to MO. Scientific name would help

GULA- (1)   verb. try, test, taste. transitive: YHA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gula’yha s/he tested it. gula’wuda they tested it. Category: Verbs: Impact.

GULA- (2)   verb. try, test, taste. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gula’ray s/he tried. gula’wurray they tried. Category: Verbs: Impact.

GULBA- (1)   verb. nurse. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gulba’ra s/he nursed him/her. gulba’wurra they nursed him/her. [Knight (2/98:p.36)] Category: Verbs: Impact.

GULBA- (2)   verb. sick, be, ill, be. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gulba’ray s/he was sick. gulba’wurray they were sick. [Knight (2/98:p.36)] Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

gulgu   nominal. waist. Wad’burali garuwa gulguyuwa Come on the water’s only waist deep. Category: Body Parts.

gulhu   nominal. lily root. Nyirraji gulhu. Baburru wadba’arrma. This other one is lily root. We get it down below (in the mud). Note: the older people used this term . Today we use the term gadjari. Category: Plants.

GULMUN.GA- (1)   verb. put, put in place. transitive: YHA. Note: TRANSFER gulmun.ga’yha s/he placed it. gulmun.ga’wuda they placed it. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer, Gun.gunma.

GULMUN.GA- (2)   verb. put, place. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: GG marker gulmun.ga’maniy s/he placed. gulmun.ga’malbudiy they placed. Category: Gun.gunma, Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

GULMURRU- (1)   Variant: GULMURR-. verb. vomit, projectile. transitive: YHA. Note: TRANSFER gulmurru’yha s/he projectile vomited it. gulmurru’wuda they projectile vomited it. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (1/97:notebookpp.102-3)]

GULMURRU- (2)   verb. vomit. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME gulmurru’ra s/he vomited it. gulmurru’wurra they vomited it. This is vomiting which takes place over a period of time. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (1/97:notebookpp.102-3)]

GULMURRU- (3)   verb. vomit up. transitive: NGARRI. Note: VIEW gulmurru’ngarriy s/he vomited it up. gulmurru’wurrarriy they vomited it up. Wad’binantha gulmurru’wunarriyntha. (The Rainbow Serpent) got them and vomited them up. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (1/97:notebookpp.102-3)]

guluma   nominal. bristle. Category: Body Parts.

gulwula   nominal. waterhole. Category: Country.

gumani   nominal. Variant: gumanu. knee. Category: Body Parts.

gumbarri   nominal. ochre, yellow. Category: Ceremony.

gumbu   nominal. urine. Category: Body Parts.

gumbulu   nominal. urine. Category: Body Parts, Gun.gunma.

gumbuningarri   adverb. morning, tomorrow. Category: Time and Location, Gun.gunma.

GUNAGA- (1)   verb. transitive: NGARRI. turn around, rotate. Note: VIEW gunaga’ngarriy s/he turned it around. gunaga’wurrarriy they turned it around. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GUNAGA- (2)   verb. turn around, go around. intransitive: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION gunaga’waniy s/he turned around. gunaga’wurraniy they turned around. Category: Verbs: Motion.

gunanggi   nominal. fig tree, cluster. Ficus racemosa. Category: Plants, Food and Cooking.

gunda   nominal. cousin-brother (for man), father’s sister’s children (for woman). Category: People.

gundawunda   nominal. Variant: gundaunda. kidney. Category: Body Parts.

gunday   nominal. cousin-sister (for man), mother’s brother’s children (for woman). Category: People.

gunduwa buga   nominal. child, male. Category: People.

gunggala   nominal. tree. the fire drill is made from gunggala tree. Category: Plants.

gunggulu   nominal. Variant: gun.gulu. head. Category: Body Parts.

gunygunyu   nominal. brain. Category: Body Parts.

GUNYTHURRGA- (1)   Variant: GUNYTHURR-. verb. cough. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY gunythurrga’miy s/he coughed. gunythurrga’wurrmiy they coughed. [Knight (2/98:p.60)] Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

GUNYTHURRGA- (2)   Variant: GUNYTHURR-. verb. cough. cough and keep coughing. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY gunythurr’jay s/he coughed and coughed. gunythurr’burray they coughed and coughed. [Knight (2/98:p.60)] Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

Gun.gunma   nominal. avoidance language, mother-in-law language. This is the name of the avoidance language of Bunuba. It is used by people who are in an avoidance relationship such as a son-in-law and mother-in-law. Bunuba people don’t use this language anymore. Only a few of the Bunuba Elders still remember this language today. Category: Language.

gun.gunu   nominal. black. Category: Describers.

gurama   nominal. man. wiyi guramangarri married woman. literally ‘woman with man’. Category: People.

GURARRA-   verb. spoil. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT;SEPARATE/COMBINE gurarra’wunu s/he spoiled it. gurarra’wurrunu they spoiled it. Gurarra’wurrunungarri mayi. They spoiled that food. Category: Verbs: Impact.

gurarri   nominal. cockatoo, sulphur-crested. Cacatua galerita. Category: Animals: Birds.

gurra   nominal. axe, stone. Category: Artifacts.

GURRADGA- (1)   Variant: GURRAD-. transitive verb. make hop, hop, make, make jump, jump, make. verb root type:: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME gurradga’ra s/he made it hop. gurradga’wurra they made it hop. Guju malwadja gurama gurradga’wunagi malwadjaingga. Using bones and mud we’d make it (the toy horse) buck people. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GURRADGA- (2)   Variant: GURRAD-. verb. hop. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gurradga’ray s/he hopped. gurrad’wurray they hopped. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GURRADGA- (3)   Variant: GURRAD-. verb. jump. intransitive: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION gurradga’waniy s/he jumped. gurradga’wurraniy they jumped. Category: Verbs: Motion.

GURRAGA-   verb. cross over. intransitive: NI. Note: SOURCE ORIENTED MOTION gurraga’niy s/he crossed over. gurraga’wudiy they crossed over. Category: Verbs: Motion.

gurranda   nominal. brolga. Grus rubicundus. Category: Animals: Birds.

GURRAYA- (1)   verb. call out. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gurraya’ray s/he called out. gurraya’wurray they called out. Category: Verbs: Speech, Gun.gunma.

GURRAYA- (2)   verb. call out. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: GG marker gurraya’maniy s/he called out. gurraya’malbudiy they called out. Category: Gun.gunma, Verbs: Speech.

GURRAYGA-   verb. run, run away. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: GG marker gurrayga’maniy s/he ran away. gurrayga’malbudiy they ran away. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

GURRGA-   verb. clap. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME gurrga’ray s/he clapped. gurrga’wurray they clapped. This verb refers to hand clapping where the hands are cupped and one is above the other. [Knight (2/98:p.56)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

GURRIJGA-   Variant: GURRIJ-. verb. hold onto, have (in possession). transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME gurrijga’ra s/he held onto it. gurrij’burra they held onto it. Gurrijga’wunagi gilinymanayawu. He holds onto them all the way to the moon. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

gurriranggul   nominal. butcher bird. Category: Animals: Birds.

gurrugurru   adverb. quickly, suddenly, more, repeatedly. See: ngutharray. Category: Describers. Note: query this word on page 31 printed draft.

gurruju   nominal. wife of son (for woman). Category: People.

guru   nominal. skin group (generic). Guru ngangga’yanbida: Wadawiy biyirri Jirrin.gin biyirri Jirrin.gin. They gave us our skin group names: Spotted Nightjar and Owlet Nightjar. Category: People, Mythology, Ceremony.

gururru   nominal. shadow, film, television picture. Category: People. [Knight (2/98:p.54)]

Gunggala   nominal. Jubilee Downs Station. Category: Country.

-gi   Variant: -gu; -g. verb suffix. more than two, many. Maaningarri baburru maali wad’biyirragi. Tomorrow we all will go down to the creek. This number marker can refer to the subject of an intransitive verb or the subject or object of a transitive verb. Category: Suffixes.

-guda   nominal suffix. with. Tharraguda guramaguda wara’ra. The man stands there with the dogs. Category: Suffixes.

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