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D – d

DADADGA-   verb. bog, bogged, get. intransitive: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION dadadga’waniy s/he got bogged. dadadga’wurraniy they got bogged. [Knight (2/98:p.20)] Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

DADGA- (1)   verb. hang up. transitive: NGARRI. dadga’ngarriy s/he hung it up. dadga’wurrarriy they hung it up. Gambinyi ngindajiyarri rawurra dadga’wurrarriyntha. There were these eggs that those two had hung up there. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

DADGA- (2)   verb. hang on. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME dadga’ray s/he hung on. dadga’wurray they hung on. Rawurra raylyuwa dadga’yiyirrantha. We hung on to the top rail. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State. [Knight 1/97]

dagula   nominal. deep. dagulayuwa garuwa jandayawa’ray he poked in deep water. Category: Describers.

DAGURRA- (1)   verb. thread, put inside. transitive: NGARRI. Note: VIEW dagurra’ngarriy s/he threaded it. dagurra’wurrarriy they threaded it. Dagurra’wurrarriyngarri lunduyuwa rirrwa’wurrangarri. They’d thread (wire) through the posts and they’d pull it through. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

DAGURRA- (2)   verb. descend, down, go. intransitive: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION dagurra’waniy s/he went down. dagurra’wurraniy they went down. Garra’ngarriyngarragingarri rawurranalu baadiyawu dagurra’wu. He’d chuck it to me from up top and it comes down into the pannikin. Category: Verbs: Speech.

dalagurru   Variant: dalawurru. nominal. axe, stone. wara’ra dalawurru gurriyg’a nhu dalagurru he stands there holding a stone axe, his stone axe. ngindaji gayga’arrma thirridga’arru dalawurrungarriingga we cut off this part and peel it with an axe. Category: Artifacts.

DALIYA-   verb. name. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X daliya’ma s/he named it. daliya’wurrma they named it. Daliya’ma muway ngindaji, wuluga’winarriyntha miy. He named it that, where the two were swallowed. Category: Verbs: Speech.

DALIYBA-   Variant: DALIYJBA-. verb. call (by name). transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME daliyba’ray daliyba’wurray they called it by name. yaninja nyirrajinhingi dalijba’ray muway ngindaji Ganbalamanganya miynhingi well, from that he called that place Ganbalamanganya – that’s what he called it. Nyirrajinhingi dalijba’ray muway ngindaji Ganbalamanganya, miynhingi. From that he calls that place Ganbalamanganya, that’s what he called it. Note: I think this could be daliyba’rayi and not as above. Category: Verbs: Speech.

DALJA- (1)   verb. rear, grow (something) up. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE dalja’wunu s/he brought him/her up. dalja’wurrunu they brought him/her up. Ngangga’yhangarri nyaanyiway niyingga dalja’wuningarri ngawunguinggaway nhi. Her father who had reared her would give her to his nephew. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

DALJA- (2)   verb. grow up. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY dalja’miy s/he grew up. dalja’wurrmiy they grew up. Nyirraywa dalja’limiy Gandambirri. I grew up there at Oscar Station. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

dambalngu   nominal. place, camp. Category: Country, Gun.gunma.

DANGAYGA-   verb. hit, kill. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE dangayga’wunu s/he hit/killed it. dangayga’wurrunu they hit/killed it. Warranaingga wariyga’wani dangayga’wuni milha. Wedge-tailed Eagle went out and killed meat. Category: Verbs: Impact.

danjaji   nominal. rock (hard). Note: This word is formed with the intensifier ending -aji: danji-aji: ‘hard-very’. [Knight (2/98:NSM Hard copy:p.87)] Category: Describers.

danji   nominal. pubic covering (shell). Category: Ceremony, Sensitive, Gun.gunma.

danji   nominal. strong, hard. Lundu wadba’wirrmangarri, danji lundu. They’d get wood, strong wood. Category: Describers.

DARAGA- (1)   verb. escape. transitive: NI. Note: GOAL FOCUSSED MOTION daraga’niy s/he escaped. daraga’wudiy they escaped. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

DARAGA- (2)   verb. escape. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: GG marker daraga’maniy s/he escaped. daraga’malbudiy they escaped. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

darrali   nominal. snake, whip. Category: Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians.

DARRAMAN.GA- (1)   Variant: THARRAMAN.GA-. verb. sit down. intransitive: WU. darraman.ga’waniy s/he sat down. darraman.ga’wurraniy they sat down.

DARRAMAN.GA- (2)   Variant: THARRAMAN.GA-. intransitive: MAL+NI. darraman.ga’maniy s/he sat down. darraman.ga’malbudiy they sat down. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

darrawa   nominal. hole. Winthali darrawa wirriyga’mangarri milha wanyjirri. He dug a a hole for cooking the kangaroo meat. Category: Country.

DARRULA- (1)   verb. break. intransitive: RA. darrula’ray it broke. darrula’wurray they broke. Category: Verbs: Impact. Note: darrula+RA = anticausative [Knight (1/97NSM)]

DARRULA- (2)   verb. transitive: YHA. broken, cause to be. Category: Verbs: Impact. Note: CAUSATIVE darrula’yha s/he broke it. darrula’wuda they broke it. [Knight (1/97NSM)] Category: Verbs: Impact.

DAWUNGGA-   verb. like, want. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X dawungga’ma s/he liked him/her. dawungga’wurrma they like him/her. Category: Verbs: Speech.

dawurragarra   nominal. perch, small. Category: Animals: Fish.

DAYGA- (1)   verb. transitive: YHA. dress (something). dayga’yha dayga’wuda they dressed him/her. Category: Verbs: Motion. [Knight (2/98:p.58)]

DAYGA- (2)   verb. dressed, become. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME dayga’niy s/he got dressed. dayga’wudiy they got dressed. [Knight (2/98:p.58)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

Danggu   nominal. Geikie Gorge. In Walmajarri country there is a place called Tangku (homophone). Category: Country.

DANGAJBA-   Variant: DANGAYBA-. verb. assault, beat up. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME dangajba’ra dangajba’wurra they beat him/her up. Category: Verbs: Impact.

DIDIYA-   Variant: THIDIYA-. verb. transitive: MA2. chase. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X didiya’ma s/he chased him/her. didiya’wurrma they chased him/her. Didiya’wirrmag bada’wurrunigingarri milha. They all chased him and took the meat away. Category: Verbs: Motion.

digulngara   nominal. crooked. Category: Describers. Note: e.g. a crooked road

Dijarawani   nominal. sandbar. downstream from Dalnganaya Community. Category: Country.

DILDILYA-   verb. intransitive: RA. spark. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME dildilya’ray dildilya’wurray they sparked. [Knight (2/98:p.47)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

DIMBIRRA- (1)   verb. mix, combine. transitive: NGARRI. dimbirra’ngarriy s/he mixed it. dimbirra’wurrarriy they mixed it. See: Knight 2002 (BO).

DIMBIRRA- (2)   transitive: WU2. mix. dimbirra’wunu s/he mixed it. dimbirra’wurrunu they mixed it. [Knight (2/98:p.7)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

DIMIN.GA-   verb. collect, gather. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE dimin.ga’wunu s/he gathered it. dimin.ga’wurrunu they gathered it. Ngarranyiway winthali dimindimin.ga’wunu barrgabarrga’ya. Their mother collected firewood and made a fire. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

dinjili   nominal. umbilical cord, navel, belly button. dinjilingana thinthing’girangarrinhingi she would cut the umbilical cord for her. Category: Body Parts.

DINJIRRA-   Variant: ngajirra+MA. verb. sneeze (quietly). intransitive: MA. dinjirra’miy s/he sneezed. dinjirra’wurrmiy they sneezed. This verb refers to a small sneeze. [Knight (2/98:p.50)] See: NGAJIRRA-. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

dirrari   nominal. cockatoo, red-tailed black. Calyptorhynchus banksii. Category: Animals: Birds.

dirra’niy   nominal. sunrise. Biyirri thurranda wiyi, Jiyaniway Wanggura, baga’wurrayngarri dirra’niy. He and his two wives, Nightbird and Crow, would sleep until sunrise. This word can be analysed as a verb: dirra- +NI but is only used in this narrow way to refer to the sun rising. Category: Time and Location.

dirrili   nominal. heavy. Category: Describers.

diyadiya   nominal. peewee, mudlark, magpie lark. Grallina cyanoleuca. Category: Animals: Birds.

DIYGA- (1)   verb. intransitive: WU. sleep, go to. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION diyga’waniy s/he went to sleep. diyga’wurraniy they went to sleep. Diyga’wungarragi nginda baga’rangarragi duwurruyuwa. You sleep with me, you lie down with me in my lap. Note: diyga+NGARRI ‘put to sleep’ tends to co-occur with muway. Rumsey cited diyga+WU as ‘find (a camping place)’. According to Jalakbiya on field trip 1/97 notebook p.101. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

DIYGA- (2)   verb. find, discover. transitive: NGARRI. Note: VIEW diyga’ngarriy s/he found him/her. diyga’wurrarriy they found him/her. Bara’ni diyga’ngarriyngarri ngawunguingga ngarranyiingga nhaa. My father or mother would climb up and find sugarbag. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

DIYGA- (3)   verb. transitive: NGARRI. put to bed (fig.), sleep, put to. muway diyga’ngarriy s/he put him/her to sleep. muway diyga’wurrarriy they put him/her to sleep. This verb must combine with muway ‘camp’ to mean ‘put to sleep’. Otherwise it will just mean ‘find’ (see above). Note: VIEW. diyga+NGARRI ‘put to sleep’ tends to co-occur with muway. Rumsey cited diyga+WU as ‘find (a camping place)’. According to Jalakbiya on field trip 1/97 notebook p.101. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (1/97: NSM190, 1/97)]

DUBARRA-   verb. dry out. intransitive :: NI. Note: BE(COME) dubarra’niy it dried out. dubarra’wudiy they dried out. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

DUDUBA- (1)   Variant: DUDUGA-. verb. follow, track. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X duduga’ma s/he folowed him/her. duduga’wurrma they followed him/her. Diyga’wunbirrarriyngarri thinga duduga’wundumangarri thingabinyi. They’d find tracks and they’d follow them by their tracks. Category: Verbs: Motion.

DUDUBA- (2)   Variant: DUDUGA-. verb. intransitive: MAL+NI. follow. Note: GG marker duduba’maniy s/he followed. duduba’malbudiy they followed. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

DUGA- (1)   verb. Variant: DU-; DUG-. pound, grind. transitive: RA2. du’gira s/he ground it. du’burra they ground it. Ganyjiguda, duga’wirraningarri du’burra. The seed too, they would crush it and grind it. Category: Verbs: Impact.

DUGA- (2)   verb. pounded, become, ground. intransitive: NI. duga’niy it was pounded. duga’wudiy they were pounded. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (2/98:p.16, 1/97)]

DULIBA-   Variant: THULIBA-. verb. ride. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME. it rode us around’? Ride a bike? duliba’ra s/he rode it. duliba’wurra they rode it. Yawadangarri dulibay’yinanthangarri. The two of us rode around on the horses. [Knight 1/97] Category: Verbs: Motion.

dulu   nominal. heart. Category: Body Parts.

DULUGA- (1)   Variant: DULUG-. verb. dead, be. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME duluga’ray s/he was dead. duluga’wurray they were dead. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

DULUGA- (2)   Variant: DULUG-. intransitive. die. verb root type:: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION duluga’waniy s/he died. duluga’wurraniy they died. Walanggala’wurrunintha nyirrayuwa duluga’waniy. They forgot about him there and he died. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

DUMBULA-   Variant: DUMBUL-. verb. go around, come around, avert. intransitive: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION dumbula’waniy s/he went around. dumbula’wurraniy they went around. Category: Verbs: Motion.

dumurru   nominal. chest. Category: Body Parts.

DUNGGA-   verb. pierce, destroy. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X dungga’ma s/he pierced it. dungga’wurrma they pierced it. Category: Verbs: Impact.

DUNYGA-   verb. cover over. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X dunyga’ma s/he covered it. dunyga’wurrma they covered it. [Knight (2/98:p.58)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

DURINGGA- (1)   verb. fart. intransitive: MA. duringga’miy s/he farted. duringga’wurrmiy they farted. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

DURINGGA- (2)   verb. intransitive: RA. fart. fart frequently. See: DURINGGA- (1). duringga’ray s/he always farted. duringga’wurray they always farted. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (2/98:p.68)]

DURINGGA- (3)   verb. fart out, get rid of. transitive: WU2. duringga’wunu s/he farted it out. duringga’wurrunu they farted it out. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

DURINGGA- (4)   transitive: NGARRI. fart it loudly. duringga’ngarriy s/he farted it loudly. duringga’wurrarriy they farted it loudly. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (2/98:p.68)]

durru   nominal. goanna camp, snake camp. Category: Country.

DURU-   verb. clapping action. Used in accompaniment to traditional singing. This verb refers to the clapping of hands on thighs. One hand is on the top of the other. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME. Transitive? duru’ra s/he clapped it (a song). duru’wurra they clapped it (a song). [Knight (2/98:p.11;56)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

DUWARRAGA-   verb. burp, belch. intransitive: MA. duwarraga’miy s/he burped. duwarraga’wurrmiy they burped. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (2/98:p.12)]

DUWARRGA- (1)   verb. break, broken, be, break down. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME Duwarrga+RA = anticausative e.g. a car duwarrga’ray it was broken. duwarrga’wurray they were broken. Girayga’wurruninya lundu duwarrga’ray wanjirriyuwa. A stick that had been sharpened had broken off in the kangaroo. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

DUWARRGA- (2)   verb. break, break into. transitive: YHA. Note: CAUSATIVE duwarrga’yha s/he broke it. duwarrga’wuda they broke it. Category: Verbs: Impact.

DUWA-   verb. hit. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE duwa’wunu s/he hit it. duwa’wurrunu they hit it. duwa’wirruninthangarri they hit the tree. Lundu duwa’wirruninthangarri. They hit the tree. Category: Verbs: Impact.

DUWINGGA- (1)   verb. pile up. transitive: YHA. Note: CAUSATIVE duwingga’yha s/he piled it up. duwingga’wuda they piled it up. [Knight (2/98:p.69)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

DUWINGGA- (2)   verb. pile up. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME duwingga’ray it was piled up. duwingga’wurray they were piled up. [Knight (2/98:p.69)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

DUWIYA-   verb. burned, be. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME duwiya’maniy it burned. duwiya’malbudiy they burned. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State, Gun.gunma.

duwumbu   nominal. owl, bookbook, southern, owl, barking. Ninox boobook, Ninox novaeseelandiae, Ninox connivens. duwumbu diyga’wirrarriyntha they found an owl. Category: Animals: Birds.

duwurr   nominal. lap. Category: Body Parts. [Knight (2/98:p.18)]

DUNGGA-   verb. burst, be, destroyed, be. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME. dungga+RA = anticausative dungga’ray it busted. dungga’wurray they busted. Category: Verbs: Impact.

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