a b d g i j l m n r t u w y

B – b

ba   interjection. let’s go!, come on! Ba! wad’baarra madawarra-yawu Come on let’s go to the river. Category: Interjections.

baabirri   adverb. inside. baabirri-nhingi janga mayi wadba’arrma ngag’arra we get the (lily root) tucker and eat the inside part. This refers to any fruit that can be peeled. Category: Time and Location.

baadi   nominal. pannikin, billy can, pot. It is likely that this word referred to a type of coolamon before Europeans came to Bunuba country. Today this word only refers to introduced items as given in the definition. Baadi wad’bama wurrgau’yha winthali-yuwa. Get the billycan and put it on the fire. See: yamadi. Category: Food and Cooking.

baali   nominal. footprints, tracks (animal). Baali nyindaji baniy-yu. This track belongs to the goanna. Category: Animals: general, Country.

baani   nominal. spider (generic). Category: Animals: Insects and Spiders.

baburru   adverb. down, below. buga-yani nyirraji burij-gurragi baburru Those children are playing below. diyga’nginarriyngarri malngarri ngayini baburru mandiwi’ngina ngayini malngarri-ingga that white fella found me down below and he belted me up. Category: Time and Location. Note: first entry 24th May 2007

baburruga   adverb. downward. Wadba’yirrmangarri bulumana baburruga wad’jiyirrangarri yad-juwa. We’d get the cattle and take them down into the yard. baburruga wad’jay He went down. Jurug’arranhi, ganba’arranhingi, nyirraji lundu baburruga wadba’arrma. We dive for it, we fetch it, down below we get it. Category: Time and Location.

baburru’ingga   Variant: baabirri. adverb. underneath. wawanyi bagara bababirri that goanna sleeping underneath. Category: Time and Location.

BADA- (1)   verb. fire, make a. Note: barrga+YHA: ‘stoke a fire’ transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME: move X bada’ra winthali. s/he made a fire. bada’wurra winthali. they made a fire. albim ma’liyangarri winthali bada’yirranthangarri na. I’d help and we’d make a fire then. Category: Food and Cooking.

BADA- (2)   verb. take away, seize. transitive: WU2. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE bada’wunu s/he took it away. bada’wurrunu they took it away.

BAGA-   verb. sleep, lie down, stay, be. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME baga’ray s/he slept. baga’wurray they slept. Maaningga yaarriingga baga’arra yajil’arra buga. At night we sleep and dream of children. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

balabalay   adverb. quickly. Category: Manner.

balanyja   nominal. Variant: balanyja. stone, flat grinding. niymiya baga’rayngarri ngirigarangarri duga’wurraniningarri balanyjayuwa only the white part was left, they’d grind it on a flat stone. Category: Food and Cooking.

balara   adverb. outside, everywhere. Category: Time and Location.

balarara   nominal. pigeon. Category: Animals: Birds.

BALARA-   verb. bring outside, open, out in. transitive: NGARRI. Note: VIEW balara’ngarriy s/he brought it outside. balara’wurrarriy they brought it outside. Nyirrajiingga balara’ngarriyarrangi winthali ngarranggani gayinga. That one brought fire outside for us in the Dreamtime. Note: balara is listed by Rumsey as a nominal ‘outside’. An occurrance of nominal+NGARRI! Also, this is a case where the verb root is less opaque than in other instances ie. ‘bring into view’ by taking the fire outside. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

BALARRA- (1)   verb. fill. transitive: WU2. Note: SEPARATE/COMBINE balarra’wuni s/he filled it. balarra’wurrunu they filled it. Ngaalaingga nhaa ngurru balarra’wurrunungarri. This other lot from over there had already filled up (the coolamon with water). See: balarra. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (1/97:NSM112)]

BALARRA- (2)   verb. full, become. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME balarra’niy it became full. balarra’wudiy they became full. Wirama’wirrangarri balarra’niynyangarri garinyangarri yaninja thirridga’wirrunungarri. They would gather (seeds) and when the coolamons became full they would winnow them. See: balarra. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State. [Knight (1/97:NSM112)]

BALA-   verb. idea, have a, thought, have a. intransitive: WU. Note: SOURCE FOCUSSED MOTION bala’waniy s/he had an idea/thought. bala’wurraniy they had an idea/thought. nyirra bala’waniyngiyirrantha gambinyi na. this idea came to us about eggs then. Category: Verbs: Speech.

balanggarra   nominal. many, big mob (colloquial). Category: Describers.

BALBALA-   Variant: BALBAL-. verb. take off, flee. intransitive: MA. balbala’miy s/he took off. balbala’wurrmiy they took off. balbala’miy rawurruga bindilya’wunu winthali na He took off right back up again and shook loose the hot coals. Category: Verbs: Motion.

BALBAL-   Variant: BALBALA-. verb. fly. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME balbal’yay s/he flew. balbal’wurray they flew. Olrait, girrganyi balbal’yayngarri rawurr’birra baburru mila’rangarri ngindaji, (wajim)’girangarri winthali. Alright, Chickenhawk was flying around high in the sky watching this one, watching the fire. Category: Verbs: Motion.

balga   nominal. barramundi. Lates calcarifer. balga-way-ga wudij’birrmangarri barramundi – anything – they’d spear. Balgawayga wudij’birrmangarri. They would spear barramundi or any kind (of fish). Category: Animals: Fish. Note: discuss breakups.

baliya   adverb. quickly, going quickly, hurry, in a. See: gurrugurru. Wariyga’wurraniyngarribiyirrangi baliya girrgara’wunmiynyangarri. They came up to that other mob but they quickly ran away. Note: WHAT is this WORD really supposed to mean??? Note: baliya might be baljuwa (RG 6/96). Check tape. Could be she is using the Gun.gunma word. Check tape. Avoidance language for mother in-law speaking to son in-law. Category: Manner, Gun.gunma.

baliya   nominal. man, person, Aborigine. Avoidance language, Gun.gunma. Category: Gun.gunma, People.

baliyamirarri   Variant: balyamarada; balyamirarra; balyamirarri. nominal. motorcar, car. Mudiga manja’yirrantha baliyamirarri din. We made a (toy) tin motorcar. Note: Note: The full analysis of this word is unclear. Category: Artifacts. [Knight (2/98: p. 0)]

baliyangarri nyumbayngga   nominal. wife, woman, married. literally ‘man-with woman’ or ‘woman who is with a man’. avoidance language. Category: Gun.gunma, People.

baljarrangi   nominal. boomerang (returning). Category: Artifacts.

baljuwa   nominal. behind, last, after. (lurrumba)’widiyntha garuwa baljuwa filled it with water. thurranda wiyi bilayga’wurrmiyntha baljuwa the two women followed him behind. biyirri baljuwa ban.ga’wirrayntha jirali they had already got back before him. wariyga’wurrunintha galurru giyga’ni baljuwa they left and the Rainbow Serpent sat up then. Thurranda wiyi bilayga’wurrmiyntha baljuwa. The two women followed him behind. Wariyga’wurrunintha galurru giyga’ni baljuwa. They left and the Rainbow Serpent sat up after that. See: ganinyi. Category: Time and Location.

baljuwangarri   nominal. behind, last one. Category: Describers.

balma   nominal. back, lower. Category: Body Parts, Gun.gunma.

balma   nominal. fork (in road or tree), junction (in river). Category: Describers.

balngawuna   nominal. frog, green tree. Category: Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians.

balili   nominal. hill, limestone. this is a hill containing limestone, for example the Great Devonian Reef. Category: Country.

bambarri   nominal. mussel, freshwater. Category: Animals: Fish.

banangga   nominal. nightjar, spotted. Category: Animals: Birds.

BANANGGARRA-   verb. steal. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE bananggarra’wunu s/he stole it. bananggarra’wurrunu they stole it. Category: Verbs: Impact.

BANBALA- (1)   verb. chafe, burn, from sun. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE banbala’wunu it chafed him/her. banbala’wurrunu they chafed him/her. Category: Verbs: Impact.

BANBALA- (2)   verb. sunburnt, be, chafed, be. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME banbala’ray s/he was chafed. banbala’wurray they were chafed. Category: Verbs: Impact. Note: anticausative. Something like ‘pain caused by burning or heat’.

banda   nominal. ground, earth, dirt, burial. Wariyga’wurrunintha galurru giyga’ni baljuwa mila’ra, bandamiya. They left and the Rainbow Serpent sat up then and looked around, but only saw dirt. Wurrga’yhangarri bandayuwa. He put them on the ground. Category: Country.

bandali   nominal. hair. Wa’wuningarri bandaligala yaninja. He would burn the hair off first. Category: Body Parts.

bandari   nominal. shoulder, son (figurative). Category: Body Parts, People.

bandibandi   nominal. pubic cover. Yininggajangingarri bandibandingarri daygay’yiyidigngarri. With one like this, wearing a little pubic cover like this. Category: Sensitive, Artifacts.

bandiy   nominal. arm. Category: Body Parts.

BANDIYJBA-   verb. hunt. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME bandiyjba’ray s/he hunted. bandiyjba’wurray they hunted. Nyirramiingga milha bandayijba’rayngarri. The other one went hunting for meat. Category: Verbs: Impact.

BANDUGA-   verb. take out (from heat), hang (to dry). transitive: NGARRI. Note: VIEW. Hang to dry can be meat, clothes. bandiga’lunarriy: ‘I dried it’; bandiga’ngarriy: ‘she dried it’?? banduga’ngarriy s/he took it from the heat. banduga’wurrarriy they took it from the heat. Mula’ninyangarri wurrga’wudangarri banduga’wirrarriyngarri ngirrilya’ninyangarri. When it became cooked they put it out, they’d take it from the heat allowing it to become cool. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

BANJAMA- (1)   verb. follow (something), chase (something). transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME banjama’ra s/he followed it. banjama’wurra they followed it. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

BANJAMA- (2)   verb. follow, chase. intransitive, MAL+NI. Note: GG marker banjama’maniy s/he followed. banjama’malbudiy they followed. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

banjani   nominal. child, baby. Category: People, Gun.gunma.

BANJA- (1)   verb. start out, get up and start walking. intransitive: MA. Note: GG marker banja’maniy s/he started out. banja’malbudiy they started out. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

BANJA-(2)   verb. start out, get up and start walking. intransitive: NI. Note: GOAL FOCUSSED MOTION banja’niy s/he started out. banja’wudiy they started out. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

BANJIGA-   verb. know (song and dance), teach (song and dance). transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X banjiga’ma s/he taught it. banjiga’wurrmiy they taught it. Banjiga’wurrmagi junbangana walyarra. They all teach a corroboree on the sand. Category: Verbs: Motion, Verbs: Speech. [Knight (1/97)]

BANTHA-   verb. shoot. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME bantha’ra s/he shot it. bantha’wurra they shot it. Yaninja, bantha’wunbirrangarri tharra yaninja. Well, they shot all of the dogs alright. Category: Verbs: Impact.

BAN-   verb. hammer. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY ban’miy s/he hammered. ban’wurrmiy they hammered. [Knight(2/98,p.72)] Category: Verbs: Motion.

ban.gali   nominal. bat. Category: Animals: Mammals.

BAN.GA- (1)   verb. take back. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME ban.ga’ra s/he took it back. ban.ga’wurra they took it back. milha ban.ga’rabiyirrantha wiyarri thurranda He took the meat back to his two wives. Category: Verbs: Motion. [Knight (1/97)]

BAN.GA- (2)   verb. bring back. transitive: NGARRI. ban.ga’ngarriy s/he brought it back. ban.ga’wurrarriy they brought it back. ban.ga’wirrarriy muwayawu they brought it back to the camp. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer. [Knight (1/97)]

BAN.GA- (3)   verb. go back, come back, return. intransitive: RA. Note: WITH BODY OVER TIME ban.ga’ray s/he went back. ban.ga’wurray they went back. yaninja, ban.ga’yiyirrayngarri milhangarri man.guluyuwa na well, we’d come back to the shade with the meat then. Category: Verbs: Motion.

baaniy   nominal. goanna (big). See: muju. Baaniy-yu muway durru. Home of the big goanna. Category: Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians.

barawu   nominal. kangaroo, big red, hill (female). Category: Animals: Mammals.

barawurru   nominal. ground, fighting, ground, dancing, clearing. Category: Ceremony.

BARA- (1)   verb. take upward. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME bara’ra s/he took him/her upwards. bara’wurra they took him/her upwards. Bara’winagi rawurruga bilngiyawu. He took them up into the sky. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

BARA- (2)   verb. climb up. intransitive: NI. Note: GOAL FOCUSSED MOTION bara’niy s/he climbed up. bara’wudiy they climbed up. Rawurruga babarag’wudiynyangarri rarrgi. So they’d all climb up the rocks. Category: Verbs: Motion.

BARRA- (1)   verb. paint up (for corroboree). Variant: BARRAGA-; BARRATHA-. transitive: YHA. Note: CAUSATIVE barrag’yha s/he painted him/her up. barraga’wuda they painted him/her up. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (1/97)]

BARRA- (2)   verb. paint up (for corroboree). Variant: BARRAGA-; BARRATHA-. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME barraga’niy s/he painted up. barraga’wudiy they painted up. Wadba’arra, junbau barraga’wuwadi. Let’s take it for junba, let’s paint up. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State. [Knight (1/97)]

barrba   nominal. going on foot, going on a journey. maaningarri wariyga’yiyirrwaniyngarri barrba in the morning we’d set out on our trip again. barrba-ngana marrija wad’burraynthangarri buga jilaj’girangarri even when they went on a long journey she’d carry the child under her arm. Barrba wad’barrawu let’s go. Category: Time and Location.

BARRGA-   verb. stoke (a fire). transitive: YHA. Note: TRANSFER barrga’yha s/he stoked it. barrga’wuda they stoked it. winthali barrga’yha gidga’ra she’d stoke the fire and covered it up. Winthali barrga’yha gidga’ra. She’d stoke the fire and covered it over. Category: Verbs: Impact.

bawulu   nominal. pigweed, pigface, bush carrot, carrot, bush. Portulaca oleracea. bawulu-nhingi ganji wudara’anyangarri yarradga’ninyangarri when the seeds from pigweed plants had dried and fallen out. Bawulu mayi nyirraji jalangurru. Category: Plants.

BAYAL-   Variant: BAYALA-. verb. swim. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME bayal’yay s/he swam. bayal’wurray they swam. ngaala, bayal’wurraygi. Some of them swam. Category: Verbs: Motion.

BAYIGA-   verb. meet. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X bayiga’ma s/he met him/her. bayiga’wurrma they met him/her. Mantha bayiga’wurrmag bugayingga mabilyi-ingga. The kids all met him halfway. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (1/97)]

BAYN.GA-   verb. shoot. transitive: YHA. Note: TRANSFER bayn.ga’yha s/he shot it. bayn.ga’wuda they shot it. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (2/98:p.19)]

BA-   verb. paint up. Note: paint up (for corroboree) covering the body completely in ochre intransitive: NI. ba’niy s/he painted up for corroboree. ba’wudiy they painted up for corroboree. See: BARRA-. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. Note: check marker for NI – it’s to do with the type of verb it goes on. Grammatical information – important and will relate to the front matter. Just need to know what to call it. CH to follow up.

balarraniy   nominal. open, full. Category: Describers.

bidi   nominal. thigh, lap. wurrga’yhanhingi bidi-yuwa ngindaji nganggi bunda. he put her on his lap and said this is your promised wife. Category: Body Parts.

BILAYGA-   verb. follow. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY bilayga’miy s/he followed. bilayga’wurrmiy they followed. Thurranda wiyi bilayga’wurrmiyntha baljuwa. The two women followed behind. Category: Verbs: Motion.

bilgi   nominal. grass. bilanyi bilgi-yuwa snake in the grass. Category: Plants.

bilhirriga   Variant: birriga. nominal. north. Category: Time and Location.

biliga   adverb. halfway, between, middle, in the. biliga baga’ray he slept in the middle. Category: Describers, Time and Location.

BILIGA-   verb. intransitve: RA. halfway, be, middle, be in the, in-between, be. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME biliga’ray s/he was halfway. biliga’wurray they were halfway. biyirri biliga’wurraynyangarri marrija they were so far away they had to stop half way. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State. [Knight (1/97)]

bilinyi   Variant: bilini. nominal. shell, peel, skin. Gaygaytha’arra wilagurru bilinyi garra’adinhingi. We cut up the fruit and then throw away the peel. Category: Plants.

bilirrgirri   nominal. bald. Category: Describers.

bilji   nominal. ochre, red. Category: Ceremony.

BILTHIGA-   verb. assault, beat, slap. RA2; transitive:  Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME bilthiga’ra s/he slapped him/her. bilthiga’wurrunu they slapped him/her. Category: Verbs: Impact.

BILYA-   transitive verb. stomp, trample, crush. transitive: WU2. Note: BAD EFFECT; SEPARATE/COMBINE bilya’wunu s/he trampled it. bilya’wurrwunu they trampled it. [Knight (2/98:p.30)] Category: Verbs: Impact.

bilngi   nominal. Variant: birrinyi. sky. Bara’winagi rawurruga bilngi-yuwa. He took them up into the sky. Category: Country.

bilanyi   nominal. snake (generic). Category: Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians.

bilwili   nominal. sick, sore. Category: Describers.

BILWILI- (1)   verb. transitive: YHA. sick, make. Note: CAUSATIVE adj+N bilwila’yha s/he made him/her sick. bilwila’wuda they made him/her sick. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (1/97)]

BILWILI- (2)   verb. sick, become. Note: BECOME adj+NI intransitive: NI. bilwila’niy s/he became sick. bilwila’wudiy they became sick. Bilwila’niynya burrudiya garrga’nginbunu jimarri ngarragi. When he became sick in that place my mate then left me (died). Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

bina   nominal. ear. Category: Body Parts.

bina ganday   nominal. stupid, insane, mad. See: bina niyuwurru. literally ‘ear-bad’. Category: Describers.

bina niyuwurru   nominal. stupid, insane, mad. literally ‘ear-bad’. See: bina ganday. Category: Describers, Gun.gunma.

BINARRIYA- (1)   verb. show, know. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X binarriya’ma s/he showed it. binarriya’wurrma they showed it. binarriya’yindumantha yawada. They showed us the horse (ie. they showed us about horses). Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

BINARRIYA- (2)   verb. teach over a long time. transitive: RA2. binarriya’ra s/he taught him/her. binarriya’wurra they taught him/her. Binarriyama’wiyirrirag buga. Maybe we will teach all of the kids. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

BINARRIYA- (3)   verb. know. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME binarriya’niy s/he knew. binarriya’wudiy they knew. Binarriya’wunmaginya, binarriya’wudiygi. What he showed them, they now know. Category: Verbs: Speech, Verbs: Speech.

BINBALA- (1)   verb. pain, hurt. transitive: WU2. binbala’wunu s/he hurt him/her. binbala’wurrunu they hurt him/her. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (2/98:p.28)]

BINBALA- (2)   verb. pain, be in. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY binbala’miy s/he was in pain. binbala’wurrmiy they were in pain. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (2/98:p.28)]

bininyi   nominal. maggot, cockroach, any insect. Category: Animals: Insects and Spiders.

binyja   nominal. smoke. Category: Food and Cooking.

bininybali   nominal. spinifex. This spinifex has large, relatively soft blades and is used to make wax. The wax can be used in the making of spears for example. This is ‘medicine’ spinifex that comes from the hills. See: ngirri. Category: Plants.

BIRAYGA-   verb. Variant: BIRAYJGA-. arrive, emerge. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME birayga’ray s/he arrived. birayga’wurray they arrived. Lingga’ngayngarri ngarragi ngarranyi gawiyngarri birayga’rayngarragi. I waited for my mother and she arrived with fish for me. Note: birayga+MA seems to be a stylised version and maybe not productive form for the dictionary (so: nr4.41) and so has been removed. Category: Verbs: Motion.

BIRAYLA- (1)   verb. arrive, emerge. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: GG marker birayla’maniy s/he arrived. birayla’malbudiy they arrived. [Knight(2002)] Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

BIRAYLA- (2)   verb. arrive, emerge, meet. intransitive: RA. birayla’ray s/he arrived. birayla’wurray they arrived. Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

biriyani   adverb. Note: adverb backwards. Category: Describers, Manner. [Knight (2/98: p. 9)]

BIRIY- (1)   Variant: BIRIYA-. verb. take. transitive: RA2. biriy’ra s/he took it. biriy’wurra they took it. Category: Gun.gunma, Verbs: Impact.

BIRIY- (2)   verb. go, leave. intransitive: MAL+NI. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME biriya’maniy s/he went. biriya’malbudiy they went. [Knight 2001] Category: Gun.gunma, Verbs: Impact.

BIRIY- (3)   verb. leave. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME biriy’ray s/he left. biriy’wurray they left. [Knight 2001] Category: Verbs: Motion, Gun.gunma.

BIRRGAYNYGA-   verb. ask (a question). transitive: RA2. birrgaynyga’ra s/he asked him/her a question. birrgaynyga’wurra they asked him/her a question. This verb refers to the asking of aquestion where the speaker expects an answer. The person who is asked is under some obligation to answer (like a policeman questioning a suspect). See: ngayaga. Note: Rumsey) – left out of dictionary but left in database (ie birrgayng- is included). Category: Verbs: Speech.

BIRRGA-   verb. tire. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY birrga’miy s/he tired. birrga’wurrmiy they tired. Birrga’limiynyangarri wandayga’nginmangarri ngawunguingga ngarragi-ingga budayuwa. When I’d get tired my father would lift me up onto his shoulder. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

birrgi   nominal. charcaol, coals, hot. yanganja lundu birrgi charcoal from the coolamon tree. birrgi-ngarri-ingga with charcoal. See: mara; ginjili; windingilngil; wumbularri; wumulu. Category: Food and Cooking.

birriga   adverb. Variant: bilhirriga. north. Category: Time and Location, Country.

birrinyi   nominal. sky. Category: Country.

birrinyngarri   nominal. helicopter, airplane. literally ‘sky-with’. Category: Artifacts.

birrirri   nominal. flame. Category: Food and Cooking.

birrmindi   nominal. shoulder, son (figurative). See: bandari. Category: Body Parts, Gun.gunma, People.

bitha   nominal. numb. Category: Describers.

BIYGA- (1)   verb. brand. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X biyga’ma s/he branded. biyga’wurrma they branded. Biybiyg’jinmag nyirrayuwa muway ngiyirrangi. We branded it (the big mob of cattle) in that country of ours. Note: Check this example and see if it can be unreduplicated. Category: Verbs: Impact.

BIYGA- (2)   verb. brand, set alight, ignite. transitive: YHA. Note: CAUSATIVE biyga’yha s/he set it alight. biyga’wuda they set it alight. Note: Check this example and see if it can be unreduplicated. Category: Verbs: Impact.

biyirrantha   pronoun, possessive. their (two). 3rd person dual. biyirrantha wurrbinyi those two themselves. dangayga’wunu wawanyi biyirrantha He killed goannas for the two of them. Category: Pronouns.

biyirrangi   pronoun, possessive. Variant: biyirrangu; biyirranggu. their (more than two). Note: This pronoun marks ownership or possession of something or someone. It usually occurs before the nominal, as in biyirrangi muway: their country, but it can also go after the nominal as in muway biyirrangi. 3rd person plural. Category: Pronouns.

biyirri   pronoun, personal. they (two or more). 3rd person non-singular. Waya’wirrmiyarrangi biyirri They called out to us. Ganba’wina biyirri He followed them. Note: Ths form can be used to refer either to the ones doing the action or the ones who have an action done to them. Category: Pronouns.

briyali   nominal. konkerberry tree. Category: Plants.

bu   interjection. go away!, shoo! Wirray nginji ngarraguma ngarranyi? Ngayini ngayi nganggi ngarranyi! Bu! Kangaroo, are you my mother? I’m not your mother! Go away! Category: Interjections. [Knight (1/97)]

buda   nominal. neck, nape. Category: Body Parts.

budadabi   nominal. sister. Category: People, Gun.gunma. [Knight (2/98:p.37)]

BUDBU-   verb. fan (e.g. to cool down food or start a fire). transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME budbu’ra s/he fanned it. budbu’wurra they fanned it. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (2/98:p.9)]

BUDGA-   verb. pour. transitive: NGARRI. Note: VIEW. Check this preverb: make sure it’s not burrga- for example. budga’ngarriy s/he poured it. budga’wurrarriy they poured it. Budga’larri yiningga. I’m pouring it just like that. Wiyiingga baadi jalyu’burrangarri bilinyi ngindaji. Jalyu’burrangarri budga’wurrarriyngarri. The women mixed up this skin in the pannikin. They’d pound it and pour it. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer. [Knight (1/97)]

buga   nominal. child, baby, offspring, kid. maaningga yaarri-ingga baga’arra yajil’arri buga at night we sleep and dream of children. Category: People.

BUJA- (1)   verb. finish. transitive: NGARRI. buja’ngarriy s/he finished it. buja’wurrarriy they finished it. Yawada manja’yirranthangarri malwadja, buja’yirrunintha nyirraji (mudiga na din mudiga) manja’yirrantha. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

BUJA- (2)   verb. finished, become. intransitive: NI. Note: BECOME buja’niy s/he finished. buja’wudiy they finished. Unggumi buja’niy gurama, Unggumi. Unggumi is finished, the Unggumi Aborigines. Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

BULAWU-   verb. spread. Note: e.g. spread the blanket intransitive: WU. bulawu’lunu I will make the bed. Category: Body Actions.

bulumana   nominal. bullock, cow. Nyaga’wurrunungarri bulumana. They speared the cattle. Borrowed from English/Kriol. Category: Animals: Mammals.

bulungbulung   Variant: bulumbulung. nominal. Ardea alba. spoonbill. Category: Animals: Birds. Note: Wagner has this as the egret for the Gooniyandi cognate.

BUNBUN.GA   verb. boil. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY. NOTE: Reduplicated verb is obligatory. Verb can only occur in 3rd person. bunbun.ga’miy it boiled. bunbun.ga’wurrmiy they boiled. [Knight (2/98:p.20)] Category: Verbs: State and Change of State.

bunda   nominal. perch, small. Category: Animals: Fish.

bunungguli   nominal. bachelor, man, unmarried. Category: People.

BUNYUGBU-   verb. put out, extinguish. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME. e.g. put out fire bunyugbu’ra s/he put it out. bunyugbu’wurra they put it out. This verb refers to the extinguishing of a fire by covering it over with green leafy branches. Category: Verbs: Impact.

bunda   nominal. wife, promised. Wurrga’yhanhingi bidiyuwa ngindaji nganggi bunda. He put her on his lap and said ‘this is your promised wife’. Category: People, Ceremony.

BURAGA-   verb. unwind, untie. transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X buraga’ma s/he untied it. buraga’wurrma they untied it. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (2/98:p.59)]

BURAGA-   Note: homonym for ‘unwind, untie’ verb. pull out (of fire), take out (of fire). transitive: MA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X buraga’ma s/he pulled it out. buraga’wurrma they pulled it out. Category: Verbs: Holding and Transfer.

BURIJ- (1)   Variant: BURIJBA-; BURIJGA-. verb. dance (corroboree), play with. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO/WITH X OVER TIME. Rumsey says burij(ga)’ but RG (6/96) says it should only be burij(ba)’. Probably should make ‘play with’ and ‘dance (a coroboree)’ separate entries. burij’gira s/he danced it. burij’burra they danced it. Junba burij’burra wilagurru burij’burrabiyirrang wilagurru. They danced a corroboree, alright, they danced it with them alright. Category: Verbs: Motion.

BURIJ- (2)   verb. Variant: BURIJBA-; BURIJGA-. play. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME burijba’ray s/he played. burijba’wurray they played. ngag’ilangarri milha yaninja gudangarri warijga’luwaniy burij’ngayngarri na I used to eat until I was full and then I went and played. Category: Verbs: Motion.

burinyangarri   nominal. behind, last one. Category: Describers, Gun.gunma.

burradiya   adverb. Variant: burradi; yingarri. forever, long time, for a, place, in this/that one. Burrudiya gurridjga’wunagi yaningi gilinymana-yuwa. Forever now he’s keeping them today on the moon. Yaninja, midga’wundumangarri lundu-yuwaaaaay yatha’wirrayngarri burradiya nyirri-yuwa. Well (the policemen), they’d tie them to a tree and they’d stay in this one place. Category: Time and Location.

BURRA-   verb. rub. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME burra’ra s/he rubbed it. burra’wurra they rubbed it. Category: Verbs: Impact.

BURRBA-   verb. close, shut, bolt, lock up. transitive: YHA. Note: TRANSFER e.g. slide a bolt across burrba’yha s/he locked him/her up. burrba’wuda they locked him/her up. Limbayingga wadba’ma burrba’yha. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (2/98:p.5;34)]

BURRGANYGA-   Variant: BURRGAYNYGA-. verb. ask about. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME burrganyga’gira s/he asked about him/her. burrganyga’gurra they asked about him/her. Category: Verbs: Speech. [Knight(2/98,p.74)]

BURRGA-   verb. tired, be. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY burrga’miy s/he tired. burrga’wurrmiy they tired. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

burrmuru   nominal. dragon fly. Category: Animals: Insects and Spiders.

BURRUL-   Variant: BURRULA-. verb. snore. intransitive: RA. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME burrul’ray s/he snored. burrul’wurray they snored. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (2/98:p.22)]

burrungun   nominal. ? this picture is about the sugar on the leaf. Category: Plants.

burunu   nominal. nest (in tree). Category: Animals: general.

bururru   nominal. pubic hair. Category: Body Parts, Sensitive.

buwunyungu   nominal. python, blacknosed. Category: Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians.

BU- (1)   verb. moo. intransitive: MA. Note: DO WITH BODY bu’miy it mooed. bu’wurrmiy they mooed. Category: Verbs: Speech.

BU- (2)   verb. blow, blow up. transitive: YHA. Note: TRANSFER bu’yha s/he blew it up. bu’wuda they blew it up. Category: Verbs: Impact. [Knight (2/98:p.54)]

BU- (3)   verb. smoke. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY OVER TIME bu’gira s/he smoked it. bu’gurra they smoked it. Category: Verbs: Body Functions. [Knight (2/98:p.54)]

BUNGBUNG-   verb. kiss. transitive: RA2. Note: DO WITH BODY TO X OVER TIME bungbung’gira s/he kissed him/her. bungbung’burra they kissed him/her. Category: Verbs: Body Functions.

-bilinyi   Variant: -binyi. nominal suffix. through. wad’jay gamanba’ray milha-bilinyi he went hunting for meat. Category: Suffixes.

-biyirrantha   pronoun suffix. them, for (two). 3rd person dual. Category: Pronouns, Suffixes.

-biyirrangi   Variant: -biyirrangu; -biyirranggu. pronoun suffix. them, for (more than two). 3rd person plural. Category: Pronouns, Suffixes.

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