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A – a

aga   interjection. no way!, not so! Aga! ngindaji mawurru ngangga’yanda Not so! This is white ochre they gave us. This is one of only two independent words that begin with a vowel in Bunuba. Note: Unusual vowel-initial word; nasalisation of vowel also unusual (Rumsey 2000:105) See: ay. Category: Interjections.

ay   interjection. ha! This is one of only two independent words that begin with a vowel in Bunuba. See: aga. Category: Interjections.

-aji   nominal suffix. very. jalungurr-aji very good. ganday-aji very bad. Category: Suffixes.

-ala   Variant: -gala. nominal suffix. first, before. Wawanyi-ala nga’jiyirra. We’d eat the goanna first. Category: Suffixes.

-ali   verb suffix. this way. Wad’bur-ali. Come this way. Category: Suffixes. Note: ?proximad Can we call it ‘direction’

-alu   Variant: -nalu. nominal suffix. to here, here, towards. i.e. from there towards here. This ending goes on nominals to indicate that the direction in which someone or something moves is from that referent. It can go on pronouns as well as nominals. Girrgara’miy rawurranalu thirrbama’ninhingi nyirraji winthali. He swooped down from above and snatched that fire from him. Category: Suffixes.

-arri   nominal suffix. two. milha ban.ga’raybiyirrantha wiyiarri thurranda. He took the meat back to his two wives. This number marker goes on the end of nominals. It is used to tell you how many are involved. If a case marker is used as well, the case marker follows the number marker. Bugaarringga wadba’wurrma. The two kids got it. See: -yani. Category: Suffixes.

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