Kimberley Languages

For more information click the language name on the map below [only available on desktop].

The interactive map below presents the various languages of the Kimberley, indicating their approximate location within the region.

To find out more about each individual language or language group, click on the relevant language name. A full list of Kimberley languages is provided to the left of the map above.

Several of these languages—such as Miwa, Wila Wila and Guwij—do not have speakers within living memory.

Others, such as Andajin, Unggumi and Warrwa, have one or two fluent first language speakers, but there are people who know the languages as an additional one to their own. Others, such as Kukatja and Walmajarri, have first and second language speakers numbering over 1000.


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We acknowledge the old people, elders and language speakers who have passed.

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